Where can I purchase your product?
You can purchase Pacific Casual outdoor furniture products at participating retailers. Please contact the Customer Service Dept for a list of our current retailers.

Do Pacific Casual outdoor furniture collections come in different colors or fabrics?
Furniture collections are available only in the fabric and finish on display. Please check with the retailer to see what options may be available.

Where can I purchase matching or extra pieces of my set?
All products are sold through independent retailers, so please check with the retailer where you purchased your product to see if they carry accessories or additional items in the collection.

Can I order directly from Pacific Casual?
Not at this time. Pacific Casual is a direct to store (retailer) wholesale manufacturer.

Do you have a catalog?
No, many of our products are sold and marketed under a private label specified by the retailer.

Where do I return my set if it is defective?
You will first want to contact Pacific Casual at the number listed on your warranty to see if replacement parts can be sent. If you do not wish to receive parts under warranty you will want to contact the retailer where the item was purchased to find out their specific return policy. All refunds/exchanges must go through the retailer where you purchased your furniture only.

What does the warranty cover?
Warranties cover manufacturing defects in workmanship.

Is rust covered under warranty?
Rust or rust water on steel and wrought-iron products is not covered under warranty.

What is not covered under my Pacific Casual warranty?
Products used for commercial, contract, or any other non-residential purposes; damage due to acts of nature; fire; abuse; vandalism; lack of proper care and maintenance; glass breakage; freeze damage; improper assembly, and fading of fabric .

Is the warranty transferable?
No, Items sold through a third party or private sellers (ebay, amazon, etc.) are not covered under the original retailer’s warranty.

How do I file a warranty claim?
Should you have a warranty claim, please contact our Customer Service Department at the number provided on your warranty sheet or e-mail customerservice@pacificcasual.com
When filing a claim, please be sure to include the following:

  • A copy of your receipt
  • Pictures of a damaged item may be necessary to provide better service
  • Your full name
  • Complete mailing address
  • Daytime telephone number, including area code
  • Where you purchased your item(s)
  • The name/model/description of your furniture
  • The specific problem you are having

Is glass breakage covered under warranty?
Glass breakage is only covered out of box. This is standard policy in the outdoor furniture industry.

How do I order replacement glass?
There are many glass replacement companies that can custom-cut glass for your table. Make sure you specify tempered glass for safety reasons.

Is touch up paint available?
Some of our products do have touch up paint available. This is in accordance to the retailers requirements. Please contact Customer Service at: customerservice@pacificcasual.com to verify if you’re set has touch up paint available.

Can I purchase extra cushions?
Pacific Casual relies upon the retailer to offer replacement cushions for their customers. You will first want to inquire with the retailer you purchased your furniture collection from for replacement cushions. There are also aftermarket companies as well that will offer replacement cushions for specific sets.

Can I purchase a replacement canopy/netting from you?
Pacific Casual offers some styles for purchase. Inquire with our Customer Service Department at customerservice@pacificcasual.com to see what is available. There are also aftermarket companies that will replicate specific gazebo/garden house canopies that we can refer you to.

Can my cushions be washed in the washing machine?
DO NOT machine wash your cushions. For best results, clean with damp cloth only and dry thoroughly.

How should I take care of my aluminum/steel/resin wicker furniture frames?
For best results, clean the patio furniture with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly. This will help prevent mildew by removing dirt particles that may accumulate. Protect the surface with a one-step auto wax. Do not clean with products that contain a compound requiring two steps. Do not use products that contain, bleach, or solvents. Store the patio furniture in a dry sheltered place when not in use. Keep your patio furniture out of extreme heat, freezing conditions and any other inclement weather such as hail, sleet, snow or strong wind, and store it in a dry, sheltered place. It is highly recommend that you disassemble and store your investment in a safe location if ANY formidable weather approaching you, avoid any misuse or foreseen damages.

What is the difference between water resistance and water repellent?
Water-resistant describes objects relatively unaffected by water (resisting) to a certain degree or the point of water penetration. Water repellent is a coating on fabrics to make them repel water. This coating wears off over time or if fabric is washed, therefore the coating must be re-treated to maintain water-repellency when necessary. There are many different products specifically designed for outdoor furniture fabric. Do not use any product that comes in an aerosol can or that contains an alcohol base. This type of product will dry out the fabric quickly and thr suns UV rays and will cause the fabric to breakdown. This type of damage is not covered under the warranty.

Will my furniture rust?
Aluminum framed furniture should not rust. Although powder coated to prohibit rust, if the painted surface of a steel frame is scratched, exposing bare metal, then there is the possibility that rust may occur. Because of exposure to air and water, you should periodically check your furniture for scratches in the paint. If you find a scratch we encourage you to treat the area by lightly sanding the affected area with extra fine sand paper or steel wool. You then should treat the area with a rust inhibitor and apply touch-up paint. It is also recommended to cover your steel furniture set with furniture covers appropriate for your area to avoid moisture from getting inside of the steel frame. You may experience rust colored water coming from the frame if this precaution is not taken.


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